Laundry day musings

We missed church this morning and the start of spring break fun due to a little boy with a nasty headache so I decided to use the time to get some laundry done. I hate doing laundry usually, but I kind of have fun when my kids are excited about helping me. They are finally realizing that I am usually very busy, and actually making a bit of an effort to help. However misguided the help they provide is I love receiving it (unless it they are just being silly and making twice as much work lol) It has taken me a long time to realize the blessing of even the misguided help they provide. Now if only they would be able to help sewing buttons back on and the trickier mending.

I wish I didn’t discover more mending projects every time I do more than one or two loads of laundry. With five people there are always new things to be fixed. I love when it is just a simple split seam or a button that I caught before it was lost.

My youngest enjoys sewing with me and he has a lot of fun coming up with projects to do. He wants to make himself some summer shorts and has the fabric to do it. He also has his own little sewing machine that is easily portable, if only he could cut out his own patterns now too. 

I’ve been planning out a few sewing projects for the near future. Hopefully I can finish them and be happy enough with them to post a few pictures. 

I usually try to keep religion out of things I put online, but I have felt a lot of growth lately after watching the announcement of Pope Francis. I am Catholic, and it brings me peace.

I hope everyone has had an awesome week!


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