Knit, knit, clean

April 13, 2010

For some reason I have almost no time for cleaning but I am getting very close to finishing several projects.   I have started some new ones too.  I finished one fingerless mitt and casted on the second one.  I also casted on a baby hat for a shower on Sunday but it will be pretty easy to finish since it is bulky yarn on a size 10 needle.  And it is dark colors so that they will get something that isn’t pink!

And now back to life.


a new home

March 23, 2010

So here I am in all my boring glory.  Current plan is to have a little bit of knitting and other stuff here.  Kinda crafty and a bit of everything else!

So, I am a mom to three little boys that really limit my knitting time and pull the needles out of my projects to play with my yarn so I don’t get a lot of finished objects.  I won’t have a ton of those to post!  I do have several projects on the needles to talk about later though.

Hello world!

March 23, 2010

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